Congratulations on the new web site for Santee Industrial. Please add my name to the many others who will certainly want to be on record as supporting you and your company's efforts to provide excellent services to the industrial community for over 20 years.

Over the last several years as we were building new manufacturing facilities for airplane assembly, you helped us resolve some very difficult issues affecting our entire production rate. You invested much of your time and resources, even bringing in factory experts when needed, to make sure we had the latest technology to solve these issues.

Thank you, Chris, and the entire team from Santee Industrial for continuing to be a valued part of our growing activities in Charleston.

Dave Spires
Facilities Manager


You have built a great organization along the coast, and whenever I get close to your area it always seems that you and your organization are mentioned in some conversation.  So, the impact you guys have made on the area is obvious.

Carolina Handling, our Sales Management, and I consider it a privilege to have an opportunity to work with you and an organization that has many things in common with us, those that are obvious would be our culture and how we go to market with customer care.

I would like to mention that what I learned from your message, that was more important than company brochures, websites, etc...is that your message and organization has a lot of heart.  You might make a mistake now and then, but you're there to make it right.  I appreciate learning that about you and how you manage your business, customers, and work in your community.

Jim Swittenburg
Carolina Handling, LCC

Thanks for making the commitment to our shared market. Santee Industrial Products is the only industrial battery and charger provider dedicated enough to the Low Country to have a brick and mortar facility in Charleston.  Your presence in Charleston has not only allowed Gregory Poole Equipment Co. to thrive in our sales, rental, and service, but has allowed us to make sure we are able to provide the same high level of customer service for all the electric powered products we sell, and our customers have come to anticipate. As you well know, when one of our electric powered forklift customers experiences a failure, waiting for out-of-town support is not an option. In my 14 years of selling, Santee Industrial has never failed me and has always found a way to keep my customers operational. Your support has greatly contributed to making Gregory Poole the market leader in the Low Country.

Your excellent support, sales, and service, along with the knowledge to help meet customers' specific needs, with very economical pricing and superior products, has made you my unquestionable go-to battery guy.

Our thanks to you and your team,
Ernie Davis, Account Manager



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