When evaluating an electric forklift fleet, battery chargers are the most critical yet most overlooked aspect affecting fleet productivity.  An electric forklift cannot operate without a charged industrial battery; a battery cannot provide the necessary power to the lift truck unless it is properly charged.  Identifying the proper battery charger is the most important variable in maximizing lift truck performance and battery life.

Locate your application type below to see the recommended chargers.  An operational fleet assessment is recommended to determine the right charger for your application and budget.

Energy Savings

Second to HVAC, chargers are responsible for the highest portion of your energy bill.  All chargers listed with an “HF” are the latest in charging technologies.  These chargers offer the highest Power Factor and Efficiency ratings that help reduce your energy costs.  They incorporate the most advanced microprocessor controls that allow for pin point charging accuracy.  The net result is a decrease in overall cost of ownership through extended battery life and energy savings.

Advanced Charging Technologies

ADVANCED CHARGING TECHNOLOGIES IS THE RECOGNIZED LEADER IN INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS FOR FORKLIFT BATTERY AND CHARGING TECHNOLOGIES. A next-generation replacement for traditional motive power charging systems, ACTís comprehensive suite of products and services are focused on integrating data to help you maximize utility, streamline operations and adapt as the motive power industry continues to evolve.

Advanced Charging Technologies

Single / Multi-Shift

Santee Industrial Products offers a complete line of chargers to support operations ranging from single-shift, light-duty to twenty-four hour, heavy-duty applications.  These chargers utilize flexible programmability and functionality backed by the strongest warranties in the industry.

WorkHorse Series 3

Sealed / Maintenance Free

Due to the maintenance-free construction, sealed batteries require an accurately controlled output to prevent overheating and excessive gassing.  Our chargers offer advanced settings that can be programmed for any sealed battery technology.

Steed - Ferroresonant Battery Charger

Opportunity Charging / Rapid Charging

If your goal is to minimize or eliminate the need for spare batteries and designated charging rooms, we offer a complete line of Opportunity and Rapid chargers.  A fleet assessment is required to ensure adaptability.

QuarterHorse Opportunity Battery Charger

Cold / Freezer Storage

Cold/Freezer Storage applications cause an immediate drop in battery capacity due to the batteries operating temperature which can lead to premature battery failure.  Choosing the right charger is critical to productivity and battery life.  The following chargers offer various cold/freezer application solutions.  We can help choose the best solution for your application.

Steed - Ferroresonant Battery Charger

High Ambient Temperature (90 degrees +)

Heat is a batteries worst enemy!  Overheating the battery accelerates active material shedding and causes loss of capacity and premature battery failure.  High ambient temperature applications require chargers that regulate the charge output by compensating for increased battery temperature.  This is best achieved through external battery monitoring devices that communicate battery temperature to the chargers microprocessor regulating its output.  The following chargers offer the perfect solution.

AMETEK Prestolite Power

Automotive, Marine, and Commercial Chargers

Dual Pro

Pro Charging Systems is a leading provider of a wide range of battery charging systems for the marine, industrial, emergency services and recreational markets. Our charging systems are built to last and designed to make your battery systems perform better and remain in service longer. Our systems charge batteries faster to 100% charge with no risk of overcharging, maintain the charge and make batteries perform better and last longer. As a result, leading battery manufacturers recommend our products to charge their batteries and many manufacturers make Pro Charging System chargers their primary choice for installation on their products.


Lester Electrical is the worldwide leader in industrial battery chargers and one of the industry’s highest-volume manufacturers. We produce industrial and commercial battery chargers for most applications and markets, including golf, floor care, industrial/utility vehicles, electric vehicles, material handling, aerial work platforms, wheel chairs, and stationary/reserve.

DualPro Charging Systems

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